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iamindependent was founded in 2000 in response to the growing market need to cut contingent labor costs, to eliminate co-employment risk and the liability of independent contractor reclassification. Simultaneously, the Independent Contractor Community was burgeoning as more self employed professionals were taking responsibility for their talent, earning capacity, and how they worked. iamindependent was formed by Steven Wasserstrom CFA, CPA and Nathan Fink, Esq., CPA, in order to ease the working relationships between independent contractors and the organizations they provide services to. Today, Mr. Wasserstrom and Mr. Fink lead a team of dedicated service managers trained in understanding and providing independents with the most up to date legal, accounting, benefits and administrative tools to help them succeed. The benefits to entities who hire contract talent has helped establish IAI as a premier partner in 1099 compliance and IRS conformity.

Steven Wasserstrom CFA, CPA
Founder and CEO
Nathan Fink, Esq., CPA Founder and CEO

Prior to co-founding iamindependent, Wasserstrom was President of Contractor’s Resources, which created the concept of organizing and providing services which is comprised of back-office and administrative operations, and, group benefits to independent professionals throughout the US. This entity became known as, and is still sometimes called, an ‘umbrella company’. Mr. Wasserstrom has nearly 4 decades of professional financial experience as a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant. He taught and prepared many of Wall Street’s top analysts for their CFA examinations. He is a senior member of the American Financial Association, the New York Society of Security Analysts, and of the New Jersey Society of CPA’s. Before Contractor’s Resources, Mr. Wasserstrom worked on Wall Street as a research analyst, portfolio manager, arbitrageur and owner of his own firm, which was a member of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

Mr. Fink is a co-founder of iamindependent and provides leadership to the company in the areas of Law and Accounting. He is a member of the New Jersey Bar and New Jersey Society of CPA’s. He performed his Law Review on Domestic and International Sales Corporations. He earned a CPA from the State of New York; Juris Doctorate from Loyola University, and completed his LLM at New York University. Fink operates his own firm which was founded in 1978. With experienced, keen legal, accounting and financial minds at the helm, IAI is the preferred business management service (umbrella company) for contractors, consultants, and the corporations that engage a contingent work force.

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